Cabarrus Brewing Co. Cabarrus Cotton Blonde Ale

Cabarrus Brewing Co. Cabarrus Cotton Blonde Ale, 4.7% is not so far from me in Concord, North Carolina. Cabarrus is the county in which Concord is. This blonde ale is a cream ale. Cabarrus Cotton pours gold with a two-finger semi-quick fading head. There is a slightly sweet fruity aroma to it, but it thin at best. The favor is semi-sweet with some slight fruit flavor. There is a metallic note that comes along on the back of your tongue. The flavors on this cream ale is a thin and bit week. The mouthfeel is light. Cabarrus Cotton finishes with off-putting metallic flavors. It has no real aftertaste. It just ends once you swallow this awful beer. With that said, I give Cabarrus Brewing Co. Cabarrus Cotton Blonde Ale an F+. It starts fine for two seconds in your mouth, then quickly gets worse as it passes through your mouth and over your tongue, and ends with terrible taste. I wouldn’t go for this if I were you. It’s not a cream ale, in my opinion. Yes, it has some sweet notes, but it has fruity notes, which aren’t cream ale flavors. Metallic flavors a certainly not in a cream ale, let alone any beer. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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