NoDa Brewing Company Cheerwine Ale

I first heard about Cheerwine Ale from a social media post from The local Charities newspaper. This beer is from NoDa Brewing Company. This beer is made here in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is 5.2%. This beer is a wheat beer with cheery flavoring. If you aren’t familiar with Cheerwine, it is a cherry soft drink made with cherries in North Carolina. Cheerwine has been in business since 1917. This beer pours orange with red hues and a three-finger white fluffy head. The aroma is sweet cherry and light wheat. The taste is cherry and sweet, and there’s a faint cherry syrup note. It does taste like a lightly flavored Cheerwine. The mouthfeel is light. Then you come to a sweet cherry finish. Then an aftertaste of faint cherry/wheat that fades off with a little tart note. Does this taste like an actual Cheerwine? Well, not exactly. But it is like a lighter version of a Cheerwine. I would give this an A. This ale is sweet enough with a cherry flavor. I would recommend drinking this beer. It’s a tasty yet refreshing beer. Please stay safe, be kind, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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