Hopfusion Ale Works Feisty Redhead

The beer I have today is Feisty Redhead, a hibiscus cherry blonde from Hopfusion Ale Works. This blond beer is from Ft. Worth, Texas, and is 8.67% ABV. This Feisty Redhead has Orange Blossom Honey, raw Piloncillo (an unrefined whole cane sugar used in Mexican cook & baking. It has a caramel taste similar to molasses or brown sugar), Mexican vanilla aged on hibiscus & cherries. This beer sounds complex and interesting. This beer pours a red likecolor with a one and a half finger of white head that is quick to dissipate. The aroma is sweet, tart, fruity (big cheery), and floral. The flavor is big on the cherry. The cherry is more of a syrupy flavor than real cherries. The flavors are sweet (honey & cherry), tart, and faintly floral. The mouthfeel is syrupy and medium feeling. Then this beer finishes with a tart cherry syrup flavor. Then it turns into an aftertaste of tart fruit syrup then fades into a faint honey note. This beer sounded better than it tasted. I give this Feisty Redhead a D. The cherry tastes fake and syrup-tasting and clashes with the tart flavors, which are faint at best. This beer leaves you with a cough syrup aftertaste. I don’t recommend you try this unless you are one of the few that likes cough syrup. Please stay safe, be kind, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

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