NoDa Brewing Company Fusion Series Vol. III with Passion Fruit

A while back on this blog, I reviewed Vol. II from this NoDa Brewing Company Fusion Series. This beer is Vol. III with Passion Fruit, 9.4% ABV. This beer is an imperial, hazy IPA brewed here in Charlotte, North Carolina. This IPA pours a hazy yellow with a two-finger white steady head. The aroma is tropical (passion fruit) and bitter. The flavor or taste is tropical passion fruit, bitter/hoppy, and more alcoholic tasting than some imperial IPAs. It has a smoothness to it, along with a resting quality. The mouthfeel is on the fuller side, but I would say that it is fuller. Then this big IPA finishes with bitterness but is slightly smooth and tropical. The aftertaste is tropical with bitterness. This beer is tasty for high alcohol hazed IPA. I would recommend it! The overall beer flavor reminded me of a tropical orange juice if there is a thing. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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