Appalachian Mountain Brewery Boone Creek Blonde

This Appalachian Mountain Brewery Boone Creek Blonde, 4.9% ABV was brought over by my neighbors for the Super Bowl. This blonde ale is brewed in Boone, North Carolina, and is a Great American Beer Festival award winner. It pours out a golden color into the glass with a one-and-a-half-finger white head that is somewhat quick to fade into itself. The aroma is slightly biscuity with some honey and a light hop aroma. Taste is a little similar to its aroma. There is a honey-sweet note that is followed by a light biscuity note with a light hoppy flavor. It has a smooth flavor as well and finishes smooth and crisp. The aftertaste is a sweet yet slightly hoppy flavor that does not stay, but it does draw you into another refreshing sip. This has all the average aromas and flavor of your typical Blonde ale with just a hint of hoppy. I say that Appalachian Mountain Brewery Boone Creek Blonde is not bad and it’s a C+ beer, above average. There wasn’t any sort of flavors that aren’t your typical Blonde al flavors which is good. I do recommend this Appalachian Mountain Brewery Boone Creek Blonde. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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