Birdsong Brewing Co. Fake Plastic Trees Hazy IPA


Brewed local in Charlotte, North Carolina Birdsong Brewing Co. Fake Plastic Trees Hazy IPA, 6.4% ABV is brewed with Two-Row, Red Wheat, Flaked Wheat, Flaked Oats,  Munich malts, Comet, Cascade, and Sorachi Ace hops. This is a seasonal beer only available during the summer. Fake Plastic Trees pours a deeper yellow color with a two-finger creamy white head that fades slowly with aromas of semi-sweet malts with a bitter hops noes. The flavor is similar to its own aroma, semi-sweet at first then bitter with a bit of citrus fruit and some grassy notes toward the end that finish with a weird bitter note that is off-putting and it continues into a bitter after tastes with a medium mouthfeel.  I usually like most Birdsong Brewing beer and Fake Plastic Trees wasn’t one of them, and I give it a D. The way Fake Plastic Trees finished was not good and it lingered too long for me and the citrus was very faint and was a bit off not really citrusy. I will not tell you to go and try this beer, all the flavor didn’t really come together. I didn’t like it. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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