NoDa Brewing Company 1010 Pearl Lager


NoDa Brewing Company 1010 Pear Lager, 4.8% ABV brewed locally in Charlotte, North Carolina named after a street in Columbus, Ohio which has a popular market. 1010 Pear pours a copper color with an almost two finger white fizzy head giving off a somewhat malted beady aroma with a little sweetness to it. The taste pretty much follows the nose with nice crisp malt bready notes with some sweetness that slowly arrives on your tongue with a nice semi-medium mouthfeel that finishes with a bit of a light malt note and has a crisp aftertaste of some yeasty bread that doesn’t stick around very long. NoDa Brewing Company 1010 Pear Lager is good getting a B-. The malts almost clash with the breaded notes and I found that to be just a little off-putting but nothing terrible. I could drink a few of 1010 Pearl Lagers the flavor isn’t too overwhelming nor is it too high in ABV. I find those things good about this. I would recommend NoDa Brewing Company 1010 Pear Lager is was not bad. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

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