Burial Beer Co. Innertube Lager Beer


I know I’ve probably said that Lager is a dirty word in the craft beer world before, and I may still be. But sometimes a craft beer drinker may just want a plain beer, Burial Beer Co. Innertube Lager Beer, 3.5% ABV. Innertube is brewed with Saphire hops. American Pils, corn, and rice. Now I know what you’re thinking a Lager with a 3.5% ABV how can that be any good! Innertube pours an old lager yellow with a one and a half finger creamy white head that doesn’t fade away too quick with sweet corn notes coming off with a nice light bready metallic biscuit note. Now the taste it easy on the taste buds with nice sweet corn/rice notes which are similar to the aroma with nice very light biscuit flavors and a twinge of a faint metallic note that comes to a nice light refreshing semi-sweet finish that carries over to a sweet corn aftertaste with a light refreshing mouthfeel. Burial Beer Co. Innertube Lager Beer is a plain beer that is well-deserving of an A+, and yes for on a 3.5% it does have a great flavor that is refreshing and easy to drink. Burial Beer Co. Innertube Lager Beer is one to always keep in the refrigerator, I highly recommend it! Please stay safe and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!  

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