Shiner Beer S’more


Shiner Beer S’more, 5.0% ABV categorized as a Brown Ale is brewed with real Texas Chocolate and marshmallow to celebrate one-hundred eleven years of beer brewing out of the Spoetzl Brewery down in yes Shiner Texas. S’more pours a deep brown color with a light beige three-finger rocky head that sticks with no movement, that gives you creamy sweet chocolate aromas with faint marshmallow notes. Taste on this brown beer is not too far off from what it advertising on its can, you get a creamy sweetness in the front with a light marshmallow note in the middle and a nice light note of a cream flavor on the end that comes to a nice chocolate sweet finish that carries into a nice light creamy chocolate aftertaste with a light mouthfeel, for a dark beer such as this brown ale. Shiner Beer S’more is exactly what it is, a chocolate marshmallow ale, but I thought it would be more sweet stout or porter like. Yes, this beer is easy to drink for a brown ale. I give this Shiner Beer S’more a C+. It is good but just above average, and the flavor all coincided well with one another but it’s on the lighter side for a beer that makes you think it would not be a brown ale and easier to drink helps. Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

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