Crafted Cocktail: White Lady


A White Lady is a Gin cocktail (1 1/2 oz Gin) with 3/4 oz Triple Sec Liqueur, 3/4 oz fresh lime juice, 1/3 oz Simple syrup and 1/2 oz pasteurized egg white which is optional. I used Aviation Gin and DeKuyper Triple Sec. Shake all ingredients with ice and strain back into shaker DRY shake (without ICE)  and the fine strain into a chilled Martini glass and garnish with a lemon twist. The White Lady Cocktail has been around since 1919 when it was created in London’s Ciro’s Club by Scotlands Harry MacElhone. The White Lady pours a cloudy white with a foamy clean white head giving you silky lemon aromas with a silky lemon and medium citrus orange notes that finish with a nice gin lemon and a much similar aftertaste with a bit of a gin alcoholic note all with a light to medium yet thick mouthfeel. The White Lady Cocktail seems fancier to me than most cocktails I’ve had but nothing overly or too fancy for me and the flavor is more on the refreshing side with a little more alcoholic strength to it, but just enjoy. I rather enjoy this cocktail, I’d say it’s a B. The somewhat thick mouthfeel hold it back just a little bit but not really hurting it an overall nice flavor and such. It one that I would say you should try! Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!         

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