Beer & Chips Pairing: Terra Chips Sweet Potato & 21st Amendment Brewing Monks Blood.

Beer & Chips Pairing is back with Terra Chips Sweet Potato & 21st Amendment Brewing Monks Blood, 8.3% ABV. Terra Chips are a dark orange color similar to the inside of a sweet potato with ridges giving off a salted sweet potato aroma. Taste is what you’d expect with a good amount of sweet potato sweetness with some salt with good a crunch. 21st Amendment Brewery Monks Blood has just the right amount of sweetness to go along with the sweetness of the Terra Chips. The beers’ sweet but strong flavor is muted a bit by the chips and the chips salty flavor is washed out by Monks Blood. Terra Chips Sweet Potato is average getting a C+ but paired with 21st Amendment Brewing Monks Blood this pairing is an A-. Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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