Sugar Creek Brewing Company Big O Blood Orange India Pale Ale

Pick up this local Sugar Creek Brewing Big O India Pale Ale, 7% ABV from my local Harris Teeter grocery store. Big O is brewed California grown “Moro” blood Oranges, which pours an orange copper color with a three finger white head with aromas of big blood orange with some hoppy grapefruit notes intertwined into some fant pine notes that give you a big grapefruit flavor with some hoppy grapefruit with hints of sweetness and some pine notes that give a blood orange bitter sweet finish and a very similar aftertaste that really lingers behind with hints of a hoppy flavor with a light mouthfeel. Sugar Creek Brewing Big O India Pale Ale is so good, and is well deserving of an A+. It has a big blood orange flavor with enough bitter hops to help make it great and the flavor is not to extreme nor does it become overwhelming. Well balanced and well brewed Sugar Creek Brewing Big O India Pale Ale is one that I highly recommend trying! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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