Birdsong Brewing Co. Jalapeño Pale Ale

Birdsong Brewing Co. Jalapeño Pale Ale, 5.5% ABV is one of my favorite local Charlotte beers and I have thought to myself while enjoying it that I probably should give it a review, well here I am giving you that review. Jalapeño Pale Ale starts out with a base of Birdsongs Free Will Pale Ale, which I should review, then they use whole Jalapeños without the seeds, seeds are where the heat or spice is contained, the idea or flavor profile that Birdsong is going for is a pale ale with jalapeño flavor without the heat that comes along with it. Jalapeño Pale Ale pours slightly deep yellow almost gold color with a one finger tight head of white foam that dissipates into some quite nice lacing with hot pepper aroma with some faint bitter notes coming in behind the heat that take you a spiced heat flavor up front that is bitter in the middle of mouth with some heat notes that continue to the back of the mouth that all finish with a bitter heat with a bitter heat/spice finish with a light mouthfeel. Jalapeño Pale Ale’s heat flavor are not spicy they are more of a pepper warmth or heat like quality and goes well with the smooth bitter pale ale that is ever bit of an A+, and one beer that I recommend. I will say that I probably could only drink about three to four pints of this before the flavor overwhelms my taste buds, but its a good beer to have while enjoying a meal or watching a sporting event. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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