Throwback Thursday: Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout.


It’s always good when you have a beer from Samuel Smith’s. The best English brewer/brewery in my opinion. This beer is new to the Samuel Smith line of brews. This is the Organic Chocolate Stout at 5.0% ABV. This is a sweet or milk stout. Milk stout doesn’t mean that milk is used when brewing this, no it just the lactose sugar from the milk is used. But in this Samuel Smith Theobroma cocoa is used as a more main ingredient. This Stout pours a deep black color with a big four to four and a half finger of dark khaki/brownish beige pillowy head. The head really sticks around on this one, with no light or carbonation in the glass. There is tons of great lacing left around the glass. This is just a great beautiful looking stout. The aroma is a big hunk of good bakers chocolate with a touch milk chocolate and faint roasted malt. But the aroma reminded me of a chocolate drink.  The scents and aromas really give you a wow factor. The taste of this Samuel Smith’s is a big chocolate taste, just really sweet chocolate note hitting your taste buds. There is a faint roasted malt/coffee taste there but it’s really muted from the big chocolate notes up front. The mouthfeel is full and rich, with a silky texture. This chocolate stout finishes nicely leave a great aftertaste of cocoa, chocolate that sticks around with a quick hint of roasted notes. Wow, this is a great beer and I am giving this A+. This is a really great beer to have.  This is a great chocolate stout from start to finish.  Yet again Samuel Smith’s has brewed a beer that should be the best for a long time as they all their beers are. I highly recommend you get this and try this right now. This is an amazing beer. Please tell all your friends and/or share this with them. I think everyone should drink this once. I loved it! Cheers! Happy Thanksgiving! Please enjoy responsibly!

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