Knee Deep Brewing Co. N/E Auburn Pale Ale


Knee Deep Brewing Co. N/E Auburn Pale Ale, 4.5% ABV and 42 IBU is one beer I received from a recent Brewpublik delivery. Thanks to Brewpublik for this beer. Knee Deep Brewing Co. in Auburn, Place Country California brew this N/E Auburn Pale Ale witch pours a golden color with a small one finger head white head that fizzes away into a very thin halo with citrusy, earthy pine, hoppy aroma notes on the nose. I got a little grapefruit and some slight orange on the nose that led me to a citrus fruit flavor that was a bit juicy and slightly piney with earthy hop notes towards the back of the mouth, with a nice bitter fruity finish  and a nice hoppy earthy aftertaste that linger with a faint fruited noted on your taste buds with a light mouthfeel. N/E Auburn Pale Ale has a drinkable flavor and ABV, it does go down with a refreshing ease. I give Knee Deep Brewing Co. N/E Auburn Pale Ale a B+ this is a solid sessionable Pale Ale that’s not overpowering to your taste buds nor is the opposite either. I would recommend this to anyone and I would go right back for more of this Knee Deep Brewing Co. N/E Auburn Pale Ale. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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