Cabarrus Brewing Co. 600 Ale


I first heard of Cabarrus Brewing Co. 600 Ale, 4.9% ABV in the local Charlotte newspaper earlier this year. The beer celebrates the history of the Charlotte Motor Speedway and was originally brewed in Concordfor the two NASCAR spring races, The All-Star, and the Coke-Cola 600 which are both in May, and this 600 Ale (a golden ale) was only available at Charlotte Motor Speedway until I saw it on the shelf at Total Wine here. 600 Ale is brewed with 2 Row Barley, Munich and wheat malts from America’s heartland and Herkules Hops. 600 Ale pours a clear crisp gold color with a bright white half a finger head that quickly fades way giving off a semi-sweet corn aroma with a very faint wheat note and has a clean semi-sweet corn/wheat flavor with a brightness to it with a nice clean refreshing smooth finish and a light sweet aftertaste all with a light easy drinking mouthfeel. This beer is definitely a beer that you can drink throughout a NASCAR race. It’s easy drinking and sessionable. Cabarrus Brewing Co. 600 Ale is a B+. It’s good and refreshing with just enough flavor. If you can find 600 Ale I recommend that you try it! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!       

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