Tarboro Brewing Company Seed Spitter


This looks and probably sounds like a summer beer, and while it is who says you shouldn’t drink a summer beer in other seasons of the year. I say if its good and you like it drink it. Like this Tarboro Brewing Company Seed Spitter, 4.4% ABV which is a salted watermelon Gose from Tarboro North Carolina. Seed Spitter pours an orange-yellow color with a one and a half finger white head and with a big tart watermelon aroma with a faint, slightly sour note. This leads to a salted watermelon tartness with a bit of sourness toward the end with a tart salty watermelon finish and a refreshing watermelon tartness with a light mouthfeel. This is a good beer to have with bbq, hot dogs, fried chicken and.or hamburgers. I enjoyed this refreshing easy drinking beer. It’s an A here and something that is worth a try, it is smooth and refreshing with slight fruit. I highly recommend you pick up Tarboro Brewing Company Seed Spitter and try it for yourself. Cheers! please enjoy responsibly!      

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