Hi-Wire Brewing Tropical Sour Wiesse with Passion Fruit and Guava


I picked up Hi-Wire Brewing Tropical Sour Weisse w/ Passion Fruit and Guava, 4.2% ABV from Good Bottle Co. here in Charlotte. Hi-Wire Brewing in Asheville Ferments this beer Stainless tanks, White Wine Barrels and then bottle conditions it with Saccharomyces, ten months with Brettanomyces & a bacteria culture and with Champagne yeast. Tropical Sour Weisse pours a bright yellow color with a three finger bright white head and with an aroma of sourness, passion fruit with guava with some wine yeast that takes you to the sour/tart flavor up front with passion and guava fruit in the middle with a big tart flavor on the end that flows in to a nice tart Weisse finish and tart fruity aftertaste that linger with a light mouthfeel. This beer wasn’t as good as I was hoping but still A B- beer and something I might come back too, as you should too. it does have a bit too much tartness on the end, more than I would like but not a bad beer. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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