Castelló Beer Factory Golden, American Blonde Ale


Here is a beer, Castelló Beer Factory Golden, American Blonde Ale 5.5% ABV that was gifted to me from my Spanish exchange brother via a box from Spain. Castelló Beer Factory for Catellón Spain isn’t imported into the United States, nor in the rest of North America. Golden, American Blonde Ale pours a slightly hazy golden color with a two finger head that fades into a right around the glass at a steady yet slower pace and gives off a slightly fruity aroma with a very faint yeasty note. This Golden as a slight witbier aroma to it more than a Golden. Taste is slightly fruity at first then you get some slight bold yeast flavors with a very little sourness toward the end that fades out quickly with a somewhat smooth like finish of something similar to a witbier and a similar aftertaste with a tiny bit of a sour note on the tail end that is quickly gone with a light to somewhat medium mouthfeel. I didn’t find Golden, American Blonde Ale to be bad it wasn’t what I thought it to be for an American Golden Ale, more of a slight witbier. So I give this a C+. It was good for what it was not what it was supposed to be, Golden, American Blonde Ale. But It wasn’t really worth having more than one and a half, nor was it too memorable. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!    

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