Parkway Brewing Company Get Bent Mountian IPA


This beer, Parkway Brewing Co., Get Bent Mountian IPA, 7.2% ABV and 67 IBUs from Saleem Virgina which I received from a Brewpublik delivery. This beer uses lots of citrusy hops according to its label.  Get Bent Mountian IPA pours an orange color with an almost two finger white head that fades rather quickly with nothing left behind it, and gives off a grapefruit and orange aroma with plenty of earthy earth, and hoppy notes. Taste is big on the bitter grapefruit with a big bitter hop note with some earthiness and piney notes and has a bitter finish with touches of bitter orange and a lingering of a bitterness with some pine and earthy notes and a somewhat of a full mouthfeel. This beer was more on the bitter side and that was a bit much for me so I give Parkway Brewing Co., Get Bent Mountian IPA a D+. It was a beer that I could finish but not one that I like nor would go back to it again. Too much bitterness and not enough citrus flavors. I think Parkway Brewing Co. needs to turn down the bitterness on this beer for it to be somewhat good. But I don’t think you should try this IPA. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly! 

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