Smaltz Brewing Company Slingshot Craft American Lager

IMG_5221Craft beer drinkers tend to think that Lagers aren’t good and this may have some thing to with non-craft beers like Bud, Miller, Coors, etc… But I think that if you can brew a great Lager beer that is the true sign of a good brewer. Unlike a dark beer, there aren’t any bold flavors for the mistakes of the beer to hind behind, plus I enjoy a good lager. Here I have Smaltz Brewing Company in Clifton Park New York, Slingshot Craft American Lager, 5.3% ABV. Slingshot pours a golden yellow color with a one finger white head that fades rather quick but does give off slightly sweet aromas with some little fruit notes with some faint corn. Tates is much like you’d expect from a lager with slight sweetness like some light mixed fruit, there is a slight crispness with a very faint hop not on the back of the mouth. Slingshot finishes smooth with a subtle sweet note and has a refreshing after taste with a touch of a corn like sweetness. The mouth feel is light on Slingshot and overall this is an A- beer. Slingshot is a great craft lager but I think the sweetness needs to be toned down a notch and it would be even tastier. But I really enjoy it and I highly recommend this beer. It is an easy smooth drinking beer. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly! 

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