Weyerbacher Brewing Co. Sexy Motherpucker Sour Ale


I don’t think I’ve had much from the Weyerbacher Brewing Co. but I think they are kind of popular on the east coast. Weyerbacher Brewing Co. in Easton Pennsylvania brews Sexy Motherpuck Sour Ale, 7.5% ABV, which I received from a Brewpublik delivery. This Sour ale pours a light brown hue with a thin beige one and a half finger head that doesn’t stick around for long and gives you a sour citrus aroma with light notes of some grape, slight plum, and cherry, but mostly citrus orange. Taste is really weird, it’s sour orange up front with tiny traces of red grape and with a tartness in the middle with some citrus notes and faint cherry. But the on the end or back of the mouth it has an off sour note that just gross, and continues on into the finish with more sour tart citrus leaving a bitter sour aftertaste that is just wrong and awful. The mouth feel is light to medium. This Weyebacher Sexy Motherpucker Sour Ale is an F. I like sour beers and I like dark sour beer as well but this like two different kinds of sour ales trying to be one and they aren’t working. Do not try this at all. It’s not good at all. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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