Birdsong Brewing Company



The Birdsong Brewing Company here in Charlotte, North Carolina makes some of Charlotte’s best beer. Last night I went over to check out their brewery tap room. When I got there a little before 7:30 it was a bit crowded. I started off with Birdsongs newest beer (introduced this past Wednesday) Hotel Yorba, a barrel aged Belgian Blonde.

Hotel Yorba, Barrel Aged Belgian Blonde, 4.2% ABV

This is their All Knight Long Belgian Blonde aged in NC white wine barrels for six months. It has nice sour green grape notes with some nice tartness. I found it to be refreshing. The atmosphere of the tap room is very open with a big bar and a few bar tables and sizable patio area outside. They don’t serve any food they have free peanuts and will usually have some sort of a local food truck outside. Towards the end of Hotel Yorba, the brewery became less crowded and I then moved to Eat A Peach, Pale Ale.

Eat A Peach Pale Ale, 4.9% ABV

This was big with peach flavor with hops on the end and finish with out being overly or too hoppy, it has just the right amount of hoppy flavor. I also found this refreshing. The staff at the Birdsong Brewery are very friendly and quite knowledgeable about their beers. The service is fast here. This beer went down easy and once I finished this I over heard the staff say that this is unusually slow for a Saturday night. I think it was due to people being on vacation and Charlotte Restaurant Week. I then decided to have their Paradise City Session IPA.

Paradise City Session IPA, 4.8% ABV

This one has a small IPA flavor profile, you get nice hops, earthy pine with slight citrus. The one was also easy to drink. I enjoy this and found the flavor to not be so in your face with hop bitterness. By this point in the evening (9:15) A few people came in for a drink or two but it was not that crowded at all. I slowly enjoy this and when I finished it I had one my favorite Birdsong beers Lazy Bird Brown Ale. 

Lazy Bird Brown Ale, 5.5% ABV

This is creamy with a sweet slight nutty flavor with touches of coffee. It is one of my favorite brown ales. The brewery was getting close to the last call so it was pretty much empty except for a few people. I finished this and decided to call it a night of enjoyment at Birdsong Brewing Co.          






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