Foothills Brewing Craft Happiness IPA Project Clean IPA

IMG_5194Foothills in Winston-Salem, North Carolina has another in their Crapt Happiness IPA Project, Clean IPA, 6.0% ABV and 55 IBUs. Clean IP is benefiting clean water. Clean IPA pours an orange color with a two finger big but thin white head giving you an orange/orange peel, citrus fruit, like grapefruit with piney, earthy and some hoppy aroma notes which lead into a similar taste. You get citrus fruits, earth hoped pine notes that are just enough and Clean IPA finishes nicely with a bit of with a bitter orange and grapefruit but the after taste halts quickly with a bitter citrus flavor. This beer is very easy to drink for an IPA and give this Clean IPA an A. Everytime I have one of these beers from Foothills brewing I can’t say enough good things about it. This is a good one that I recommend trying for yourself. It just the right amount of hoppy flavor. But not as bold as some of the others in this series which helps this beer to be an easier drinker. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!        

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