Sugar Creek Brewing Co. Bottle Conditioned Dubbel Belgian-Style Ale


The Sugar Creek Brewing Co. has quickly become my new favorite brewery. They brew fantastic beers mostly in the Belgian-style and are just as good as the Belgians if not better. This is there Bottle Conditioned Dubbel Belgian-Style Ale, 7.6% ABV. This only comes in a corked 750ML bottle and can be found on tap at various bars and resturants. This Dubbel pours a light brown hue with a thin one finger beige head that flees quickly into a small bubbly island as it fizzy away. This Dubbel gives off nice fig, raisin aromas with slight plum and cherry notes mixed with a candied sugar note that invites you into a flavor of figs, raisins, with nice candied sugar slight alcoholic notes with some faint cheery and plum, that all finish with a bold flavor with some slight alcoholic plum raisin with finger that end with a lingering aftertaste of more raisin and fig sweetness. The mouth feel is on the fuller side but this isn’t a heavy beer.  Sugar Creek Brewing Co. Bottle Conditioned Dubbel Belgian-Style Ale is definitely an A+. This true to the Belgian Dubbel style and is so very similar to the Belgian brewed Dubbels. I highly recommend this to anyone. It is a very well crafted beer and tops my list! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly! 

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