Omnipollo Beer Shploing!! Mango S’mores


Craft beer is booming in Sweden. There is a big popularity of craft beer in that country, mostly with pale ales and IPAs, from what I found while there. Yes there are a few American crafts there like Sierra Nevada, and Brooklyn Brewery. But what I have here from Brewpublik (, is Omnipollo Shploing!! Mango S’mores, 7.0% ABV. This unfiltered IPA is brewed with marshmallows, graham cracker, salt, Lacto sugar (sugar found in milk), mango, and vanilla. Omnipollo Beer is from Stockholm, Sweden. Shploing!! Mango S’mores pours a thick orange juice yellow color with a one and a half finger of fizzy white head, with an aroma of big juicy mango fruits with a little sweetness and some slight hop notes. Taste is big with mango and bitter hops and a slight sweetness that coats the mouth. You get a pinch of a salted note that comes in the middle of the mouth. On the back you get a faint sweetness that is probably vanilla and there is not really any graham cracker or marshmallow flavor here. You will find little sediment at the bottom of the glass, and that is perfectly normal because this beer is unfiltered, which is becoming a popular trend with IPAs right now. Mouth feel is full with a hoppy full finish and a bittersweet mango after taste that lingers on the tongue and in the mouth for a while. This beer looks better than it taste, but doesn’t taste half bad, so I give Shploing!! Mango S’mores a B+. This beer looks and smells amazing, but you don’t really get any of the graham cracker, marshmallow or much vanilla like described on the can, and that holding this beer back slightly. If you describe the beer on the label I think it should deliver the said flavor, or come really close to that. I think that this is a beer one that you should try just because it’s so different and interesting for an IPA, and it’s kind of good. Thank you to Brewpublik for this cool beer! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!   

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