Eviltwin Brewing A Is For Apricot


I like apricot beers but I’ve never really eaten an apricot and I think that they might not be good, just by how an apricot looks. I know that sounds a bit strange. I have here Evil Twin Brewing A Is For Apricot, 4.5% ABV, that I picked up through a recommendation from Good Bottle Co. (www.goodbottleco.com). Thanks to them for this beer! This brewery is from Copenhagen, Denmark and they also have operations in New York City. Eviltwin usually doesn’t brew the same beer more than once , very few  they do. This beer is a Gose-style ale brewed with salt and apricot added. A Is For Apricot pours a hazy bright yellow color with a quickly fading white head that leaves very little to almost nothing behind. Aroma is tart with some apricot, slightly salty/briny, with the taste not far off from the aroma with more tart apricot flavors with a salted briny flavor and a faint sour note in the middle and more on the back of the mouth. Mouth feel is medium to light, but more on the lighter side. A Is For Apricot finishes tart slightly salty with some apricot and with a more tart finish with a little sour salted note. A Is For Apricot is light and refreshing with ease of drinking and gets a B+. I think the apricot is good and the Gose base is good, together they kind of drop off a bit. I have had much better Goses, Westbrook Brewing Co. Gose is one for example, but not to say that A Is For Apricot is terrible, it isn’t. I thought it was refreshing, had good flavor, but it’s not the worlds best. I just think that some Gose beers are better than this. The apricot kind of takes just a little bit way from the Gose base beer; the apricot slightly over powers the salty notes upfront and they linger on your tongue in the middle and back of the month. I do however recommend Eviltwin Brewing A Is For Apricot. Good warm weather beer that is refreshingly easy top drink. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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