Windmer Brothers Brewing Company Here American Hefeweizen

This beer is an American Hefeweizen called Hefe from Widmer Brother Brewing Company in Portland, Oregon. It comes in a 4.9% ABV. It’s probably Widmers oldest beer. This beer won Silver last year at the World Beer Cup for American Wheat beer. It has Pale, Wheat, and Extra Special malts. It also has Alchemy, Willamette, and Cascade hops. This beer pours a cloudy orange with a bit of Particulate floating around. There is a two-finger quickly fading head. The aroma is fruity with orange and a very light banana. There is a sweet wheat aroma. The flavor is orangey, sweet, wheat, and some floral notes on the back of the tongue. The mouthfeel is medium. This Hefeweizen then finishes with a little sweet candy orange flavor. Then you get an aftertaste of orange wheat. This beer is an average beer. I’d give this Hefe a C+. It has a good sweetness to it. But that sweetness isn’t too much. It has a nice balance. But that’s all I could find good about this beer. I found nothing terrible about it. It is a little above average. I kind of recommend it. Please stay safe, be kind, and always remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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