Revelry Brewing Highly Tangible Session India Pale Ale

This beer is Highly Tangible. It is a session India Pale Ale directly from Revelry Brewing brewer in Charleston, South Carolina. It is 5% ABV, with Tangerine & Nectarine. This beer pours a bight, cloudy yellow with some fruit bits floating in it. It has a two-and-a-half finger white head. The aroma is fruity and lightly bitter. The taste is of juicy tangerines/nectarines, bitterness, and a light tart note on the back of the tongue. The beer’s flavor is also dry. The mouthfeel is somehow light/medium. Then this IPA comes to a fruity dry bitterness. Then you come to an aftertaste that is also dry. But less dry with some tangerine and nectarine flavor. This beer is a delicious fruity/juicy IPA. I give Highly Tangible Session India Pale Ale an A. The only negative about this beer is that the fruity flavor becomes slightly too much by the end. But it is good otherwise. The flavors all go nicely with each other. I also found this IPA refreshing and not overly hoppy or bitter. I could have a few of these, and I think you should too. Please stay safe, be kind and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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