Sugar Creek Brewing Company Sugar Cookie

This beer, Sugar Cookie, is a Sugar Cookie-inspired Blonde Ale from Sugar Creek Brewing Company. This Christmas Blonde ale is from Charlotte, North Carolina. It weighs in at 8% ABV. I believe this beer is a seasonal-only offering. This beer pours a golden color with two fingers’ white heads. The head fades steadily into a thin halo of bubbles. The aroma is sweet with spices/sugar. The flavor is not far off from its smell. There is sweetness, sugar creaminess, and spices, and its had a smooth overall flavor. Then it comes to a sugar cookie finish. Yes, that is right, it passes over your tongue, and it all comes together and tastes like a sugar cookie. The aftertaste is like eating a delicious sugar cookie that lingers until the next sip. This Sugar Creek Brewing Company Sugar Cookie is an A. I thoroughly enjoyed this beer and would recommend you do the same. It is not heavy and has a nice holiday touch without weighing you down. It’s good throughout an entire pint. I would surely go back to it for this beer. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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