21st Amendment Brewery Hell or High Mango

This wheat beer from San Leandro, California, Hell or High Mango, is an end-of-summer seasonal. This beer is a version of 21st Amendment Brewery’s other wheat beer, Hell or High Watermelon. This mango wheat beer is 4.9% ABV. This beer has Two-Row, Pale, and White Wheat malts. It also has Magnum hops as well as fresh mangos. This wheat beer pours a yellow color with one finger quickly fading head. The aroma is sweet mangos and wheat. The taste is juicy, big on the mangos, melons, peachy, and wheat notes. The mouthfeel is light and refreshing. Then this mango beer finishes with a juicy tropical fruity flavor. The aftertaste is a sweet tropical fruit, juice, ripe, juicy mangos, and melon. This beer is good, but I think the watermelon version is slightly better. I would give Hell or High Mango a B. It is a solid, refreshing beer that goes down easy. The wheat aspect of this wheat beer is lighter than I would have liked. That might be because mango is the more dominant flavor. That is not so bad. I still enjoyed this, and I recommend this Hell or High Mango. Please be kind, stay safe and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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