Triple C Brewing Pils of Funk Foeder Aged Pilsner

So naturally, I bought it along with another beer. That will be a review later on in the week. When I got home, I found that it was only a pint (sixteen ounces). This pilsner comes from Charlotte’s Triple C Brewing and is foeder aged. Foeder is a Dutch word for a large wooden tank where beer is fermented. This beer pours a yellow color, with a half finger of white. The head is gone as soon as it meets the outside air. This beer’s aroma is slightly tart and a little fruity. It is bright, and the fruit aroma is lemony. This pilsner beer tastes yeasty, bright, floral, lemony tart, funky, and overall light. The mouthfeel is light but on the higher side of light. Then this beer comes to a tart and yeasty finish. Then you get a funky dry aftertaste. I was expecting this to be more flavorful than it was, and I’ve also had better-aged pilsners than this beer. I give Triple C Brewing Pils of Funk a B-. It wasn’t the worst beer. I believe there is a better version of this beer. I would recommend this beer, but I also wouldn’t get this as soon as possible. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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