Rahr & Sons Brewing Company Drunken Santa Barrel-Age London Ale

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday. I was recently in Dallas, Texas visiting my family there. My aunt bought Rahr & Sons Drunken Santa Barrel-Aged London Ale, 9.4%. This beer is classified as a winter warmer and comes in a box with two twelve-ounce cans from Fort Worth, Texas. This Christmas beer pours black with brown edges and a two-and-a-half finger beige head. The head is steady to fade and leaves little lacing. The aroma is cinnamon sweet, clove, light roasted notes, and malty. The taste is sweet cinnamon with light malt roast. It has a cola taste to it, which is like cinnamon cola. The mouthfeel is full but not too full. The is ale finishes with a cinnamon cola sweetness. The aftertaste is a very faint bitter note. Rahr & Sons Drunken Santa Barrel-Aged London Ale is a good beer, A+ here. Rahr & Sons are one of my favorite breweries. But unfortunately, it doesn’t get distributed anywhere close to the Carolinas. I wish it did, it would be awesome. They brew great beer. This ale is not overpowering on flavor. Some barrel-aged beers can be overpowering in some way or another. It almost had a light root beer quality to it. I highly recommended Rahr & Sons Drunken Santa Barrel-Aged London. You should act fast because it is only available during the holidays. Please be kind, be safe, and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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