450 North Brewing Co. & CLAG Brewing Co. Slushy XXL Slushy Charms

This beer is a collaboration between two breweries. This beer is 450 North Brewing Co. and CLAG Brewing Co. Slushy XXXL Slushy Charms, 5.3% ABV. CLAGG is in Sandusky, Ohio, and 450 North Brewing in Columbus, Indiana. It’s made with double marshmallow, orange, mango, lemon, graham cracker, cream cheese, oats, & vanilla. This beer pours a thick yellow-orange juice color with no head The aroma is fruity with orange, and mango. There is some graham cracker and vanilla sweetness. The taste is big citrus, tropical fruits such as orange, lemon, mango. There is sweetness from the vanilla, marshmallow, and graham cracker. The mouthfeel thick and full. It then has a sweet pastry finish. The aftertaste is sweet and fruity. Flavor lingers for a bit. These types of pastry fruity-type beers need to be had fresh. They can go bad after a short while. I found this beer good, but he had a lot going on. I give 450 North Brewing Co. and CLAG Brewing Co. Slushy XXXL Slushy Charms a B. I found most of the flavor to be good, but the lemon seemed like it was faint and like it was out of place. But it was good overall. Now I would not have more than one of these, because it is thick and has many flavors. I finished this beer, but I wasn’t wanting another one. If you like sweet fruity pastry then this is good be for you. I do recommend trying it once. Please be kind, stay safe, and enjoy responsibly!

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