Georgia Beer Co. Field Party Blonde Ale

Big thanks to the Georgia Beer CO. for sending me, Field Party Blonde Ale, 5.0% ABV and many other beers, which I will be reviewing soon, so please keep you eyes peeled for those here. Georgia Beer Co. in Valdosta, Goergia brewer this blonde ale and brews a few of the same beer that have different fruits in them. Putting fruits into a blonde ale is a common thing in craft brewing. But this Field Party has no fruit. it pours a golden color with a one and half finger white head that is slow to fade. The aroma is bready with light sweetness. The flavor is light with sweet bread notes, and a light mouthfeel. The finish is not really much but a very light sweet note. The aftertaste is the same with a very faint hoppy note that quickly turns to a faint sweetness. Overall this is a light tasty refreshing beer. I give Georgia Beer Co. Field Part Blonde Ale a B. It is great on a hot day, and could be a lawnmower beer or a golfers beer. But I don’t play golf of have a yard to mow. But It’s a solid beer. Stronger.more flavors and this could be an perfect beer. I do recommend drinking this, especially now before the summer ends! Please be kind, be safe, and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Georgia Beer Co. Field Party Blonde Ale

  1. Sounds yummy! So glad that the US now is home to great beer, when we started to visit in the mid 90s, nice beer was hard to come by. Now it is a totally different matter, great beer in every bar and restaurant all over👍


    1. Yes the US has so much beer, craft beer. But I think that now there is too many IPA’s. Whether is ‘sub style’ of IPA like a hazy or milkshake IPA. I think that the trend should shift and I believe it will go a more crisp style like Pilsners or Lagers. I like IPAs but I’m just a bit tired of them.


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