Allagash Brewing Company Truepenny Pilsner

Today’s beer is Allagash Brewing Company Truepenny Pilsner, 5.1% ABV. Truep[enny is from Portland, Maine. I love pilsners more and more. It is a nice change of pace from all the hoppy pales and IPAs. This Pilsner pours a golden color with a two-and-a-half finger fluffy white head. The aroma is crisp, bright, sweet, and bread. It smells much like a Pilsner should be. The taste is bright, crisp, beaded with sweetness. The mouthfeel is light but does coat your mouth a little. It has a clean, crisp finish and a mild aftertaste of sweet malted bread. This beer is delightfully delicious. I give Allagash Brewing Company Truepenny Pilsner an A+. I think that Pilsners will be a new popular trend in craft beer soon in the future. It could be that the craft beer market has too much hoppy-style beer, like pale ales, IPAs, and similar types of beer. This beer is a crisp, clean, and delicious beer that is worth trying. Please be kind, be safe, and enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

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