NoDa Brewing Company Margarita Gose

NoDa Brewing Company Margarita Gose 4% ABV brewed right here in Charlotte, North Carolina is a Gose-style kettled sour fermented with lime juice, tangerine purée, and also is added at the end of the boil. This is all done to mimic the flavors in a margarita. Margarita Gose pours a straw gold color with one finger quickly fading fizzy head. The beer’s aroma is tart, crisp with salted lime and tangerine. The taste is pretty much similar to the nose, there is a tart lime and tangerine with a bit of a salt note. The mouthfeel is light, This beer has a fruity finish that is a bit sour and tart. That flavor does carry over to the aftertaste that lingers a bit with a tart salt note, Does NoDa Brewing Company Margarita Gose taste like a Margarita? Well for the most part yes, but just a lighter version. That does not mean this Gose is bad. No, it’s not, I give NoDa Brewing Company Margarita Gose an A. It does not overpower your tastebuds with tartness or fruity flavors. It’s good, especially on a hot day. it’s refreshing and tasty. I highly recommended NoDa Brewing Company Margarita Gose. Please be kind, stay safe and enjoy responsibly. Cheers!

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