Throwback Thursday: Brouwerji Lindeman Framboise Lambic

Originally posted September 13th, 2012.

Now here is a fascinating style of beer, Framboise. The Framboise style comes from Belgium and is from barley, unmalted wheat, and wild yeast. After spontaneous fermentation, then fruit added after that. Then secondary fermentation occurs. This Lambic beer has raspberries add to it. This brewery has been doing this since 1811. In my own opinion, they brew some of the best Lambics. This Lambic here has a low alcohol level of 2.7% ABV. It could be deadly due to the great fruitiness and just how tasty it is. It also has a large amount of carbonation. This beer is one of the only beers I have seen with both a pry-off cap and a cork. Well, I must say this one has been in my refrigerator for almost a year> I am not sure, but it seems close, and I have one left. I like to give a shoutout to an Instagram friend Champagnesupernovax, and she said she wants to try this and is looking forward to reading this. Enjoy! Please follow her if you’re on Instagram. This Framboise Lambic pours a dark red, almost blood-red color, very dark with no light seen through this, and there was a light red rose or radish one and a half finger head that was a bit slow on the fade. This beer has a good raspberry scent, and there is a yeasty smell there with a big sweet fruit candy-like scent too. It’s all nice on your nose. When you taste this, you get a raspberry syrup taste that is tart, both sweet and bit sour. It’s a good sour, nothing overpowering. I found this to have a much different wheat taste that I am used to with wheat or wheat-like beer. It wasn’t malt-forward wheat to it like some. You do get a yeast flavor, but it’s more of a less uniform yeast or average yeast flavor that you would get in other yeasty beers. Please, when you get to the middle of the glass and give it a nice swirl to mix the yeast, wheat, and raspberries. But as this Framboise Lambic hits the back of you get a little good tart raspberry. This finish is a bit more tart than the start, but it finishes nice and is very pleasing on you’re taste buds. The overall tart raspberry flavor here. I would give this beer an A+. You can have this fresh or cellar it a while, but when you do have it, serve this at 38 – 41 F. I have always liked this style, just so different from other beer styles and just easy to drink and is refreshing with fruit flavors here. Brouwerij Lindemans Framboise is a great place to start. You should pick one up. I highly recommend you do. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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