Allagash Brewing Co. Moselle Farmhouse-Style Lager

I purchased Allagash Brewing Co. Moselle Farmhouse-Style Lager 6.0% ABV from The Butcher’s Market not far from me here in South Charlotte, NC. Moselle is brewed in Portland, Maine by Allagash Brewing Co. circa 1999 with Northern Brewer, Hallertau hops, Pilsner malt, Vienna Malt, Munich Malt, local oats, Lager and Saison yeast. Moselle pours golden with a two finger stead fading white head that leaves behind bare minimum of lacing behind. The aroma is complex for a lager with a slightly funky tropical aroma with a nice tropical taste with faint yeasty breaded notes some sweetness with a bit of Saison flavor to the beer with a nice medium mouthfeel that finish with a funky tropical sweetness and carries the tropical nature into the aftertaste. Allagash Brewing Co. Moselle Farmhouse-Style Lager is an excellent beer that is refreshing and crisp that gets an A+. I’m not surprised that Allagash Brewing Co. brewed such a great beer and one that I highly recommend. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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