Dssolver Another Damn Skull Petite India Pale Ale


Lower ABV (Alcohol By Volume) beers are popping up here and there and have been on a good growth spurt but in the craft beer world, you will never see them called light beer. Dssolver Another Damn Skull Petite India Pale Ale, 2.8% ABV, yes the right I said is 2.8% which is very low for an IPA much less a beer in general. Another Damn Skull is brewed with Amarillo and Calypso Hops. Another Damn Skull pours a very light yellow color with a thin one finger white quick fading white head with aromas of faint hoppy lemon grassiness. Taste is light with lemon and grass notes with bits of faint hop notes and comes to a nice grassy bitter finish and a nice faint bitter grassy lemon aftertaste with a light mouthfeel.  Not a bad low abv beer but not great either, I give Dssolver Another Damn Skull Petite India Pale Ale a C+, just slightly above average. I am not really convinced that a low ABV beer should be an IPA, when you drink a good IPA I think you need to have a little higher of an ABV so you can have more flavor and everything will not taste like it’s watered down a bit. Other styles such as lager and pilsners might work better in lower ABV form. Please stay safe and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!   

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