J. Wakefield Brewing El Jeffe


J. Wakefield Brewing Company El Jeffe German-Style Wheat with Coconut, 5% ABV from Miami, Florida is a traditional German Hefeweizen brwed with coconut fresh flakes. I haven’t seen any of J. Wakefield beers anywhere here in North or South Carolina, just only in Florida, specifically Miami, and I found this beer here in Charlotte, NC at Pop the Top Craft Beer Shop. El Jeffe pours yellow with a thick three-finger creamy, fluffy white head with good retention leaving behind some really decent lacing and giving sweet banana, light clove, and coconut aromas with a little nice bubblegum-like note as well. Taste is somewhat similar to it aroma, I found a nice sweet banana clove note that you typically find in a traditional German-wheat/Hefeweizen with some sweet coconut that melds well with the banana notes with a very light/faint bubblegum notes that comes to a sweet coconut finish and continues into the aftertaste with a little Hefeweizen banana that lingers for a minute before it fades into just sweetness with a medium mouthfeel that is lighter than most Hefeweizen beers. J. Wakefield Brewing Company El Jeffe German-Style Wheat with Coconut is a great beer and the coconut really amps the traditional German Hefeweizen to a new level, I give it an A+. El Jeffe is excellent and i highly recommended that you have this beer. Please stay safe and please enjoy responsibily! Cheers!    

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