Terrapin Beer Co. Hopsecutioner IPA

Terrapin Beer Co. Hopsecutioner IPA, 7.3% ABV purchased in a six-pack twelve-ounce can form from my local supermarket is brewed in Athens, Georgia with Warrior, Chinook, Simcoe. Amarillo, Cascade, and Centennial hops yeah that’s six different hops verities. Hopsecutioner pours an orange color with a two-finger white head that fades into a thin cloud on top. This IPA has dank garlic and onion aroma with nice hoppy bitter notes that then invite you into a taste that follows the nose with garlic and onion bitter hop notes that don’t overwhelm your palate. Hopsecutioner finishes with a nice hoppy malt flavor and comes to a nice bitter dank aftertaste with hints of very faint garlicky fruit notes all with a medium mouthfeel. Terrapin Beer Co. Hopsecutioner IPA is surprisingly good for an IPA that sounds like it to be a real wallop of hops to your tastebuds, it defiantly hopped and I give this an A. For have six varieties of hops it has a bit of smoothness about and I if you like classic styles IPA then this is right up your alley. Please drink responsibly! Cheers!

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