GrowlerWerks UKEG (128 oz)

In Portland Oregon GrowlerWerks has taken the simple idea of a growler and taken it to a new level. A growler is a glass or stone vessel for transporting beer either with a corked, screw or swivel top. A traditional growler is either thirty-two or sixty-four ounces and keeps beer for a day once opened. That’s where the similarities end between a traditional growler and a GrowlerWerks UKEG end. GrowlerWerks UKEG uses a food grade C02 cartridge inside the cap where a pressure regulator is located above it. Once you fill a UKEG with your favorite beer from a growler filling location you turn the knob and set the C02 pressure to the correct psi according to the style of the beer. Different styles have different psi settings. The UKEG has a lockable tap handle with a site measure to see how much delicious beer is inside and a pressure gauge. It’s an awesome product because it keep the beer even fresher longer than a traditional growler would and it’s like having a draft beer. A GrowlerWerks UKEG can keep beer fresh for up to a week. This one I have here is a one hundred twenty-eight ounce UKEG which I filled with Suffolk Punch Raspberry Pool Party, 4.7% ABV is a Belgian style Wit with raspberry’s. UKEGs come in sixty-four and thirty-two ounces as well. Now a good tip for filling any growler is to fill it with a beer that you want have a lot of and one that isn’t in cans or bottles. I highly recommend this GrowlerWerks UKEG to anyone that enjoys beer, you’ll be a popular person at your next social gathering. Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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