Firestone Walker Brewing Company Rosalie Beer Rosé

I picked up Firestone Walker Brewing Company Rosalie Beer Rosé, 5.0% ABV a couple of weeks ago after sampling it at Total Wine. This is riding a wave of popularity with Rosé, yes it’s gotten to the beer business. But I think this trend may be stagnant for now. Rosalie is brewed with Hibiscus and wine grapes and pours much like a Rosé wine color, pinkish-red with a thin/clear half a finger head that fizzy away instantly leaving you with sweet red grape aroma with hints of green apple and little floral aroma that invites you to the taste that is much like a light Rosé with a floral fruity (red grape) light tart sweetness that is open the lighter side of sweetness, a finish of a night but light sweetness and a faint tropical floral and red grape aftertaste with a light mouthfeel. Rosalie has a taste much like Rosé wine, and this would be something I would bring to a summer party/barbecue. It is super easy to drink and can be offered to a wine drinker that like Rosé wine. I think it’s D+, just somewhat below average. You really start to pick up a tartness after several that tartness lingers in your mouth after about four or five. But I think that Firestone Walker Brewing Company Rosalie Beer Rosé is in a somewhat interesting trend within craft beer, and it’s worth a try. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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