Mikkeller Brewing San Diego Passion Pool

Pick up Mikkeller Brewing San Diego Passion Pool, 5.0% ABV from Winestore here in Charlotte a few days ago. Passion Pool is a Gose style ale brewed with Passionfruit and Sea Salt from Mikkeller in San Diego California. I find that the Gose Style is a great summer weather beer. Passion Pool pours a dirty yellow color with a two finger white head with nice retention giving tart tropical fruity, sour salted aromas on your nose. Taste pretty much follows the nose with nice tart tropical fruits up front with nice salted sour notes on the middle of the tongue and nice funky notes on the back with a nice tart, salted sour finish that is a bit fruity and has a nice salty tart tropical aftertaste with a light mouthfeel. This is definitely a summer beer that can be easily drank anywhere and probably would go great with a good taco or two. Mikkeller Brewing San Diego Passion Pool is very refreshing and well deserving of an A. I just cannot find a thing wrong with Mikkeller Brewing San Diego Passion Pool, and I think you won’t either. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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