Throwback Thursday: Allagash Brewing Company Tripel Ale.

Originally posted June 21st, 2015

The Belgian-style Tripel Ale actually stems from part of the brewing process; in which brews use up to three times the amount of malt than a standard Trappist “Simple.” These Tripel Ale tend to have a higher than average ABV percentage, and are generally bottled-conditioned. This means that the beer is bottle with a little bit of yeast; this means that the beer/yeast is still fermenting the sugar. There might be sediment in the bottle. Allagash Brewing Company in Portland Maine brews in the Belgian-style. This is Allagash Tripel Ale, 9.0% ABV, and it comes to this blog from BrewPublik ( Allagash Tripel Ale pours a golden hue with a bright fluffy one and a half finger head that fades quickly into decent lacing. I found some nice amounts of light stream through the glass and there was a nice stream of carbonation bubbles racing from the bottom to the head. There are notes of apples, pears, and faint green grape with honey on the aroma. You can really get a sense of the higher ABV as well as the yeast too. The taste is crisp up front with a fruity apple and pear, and then in the middle you get more of a yeasted note with a slight alcohol flavor that becomes stronger as this beer warms. You get a stronger yeasted alcoholic flavor in the back. But overall it does have a more bubbly taste to it. Allagash Tripel has a medium to almost full mouth feel and a crisp but strong finish with an after taste of a yeasty apple/pear that lingers with a nice alcohol sting. This is a really great beer as much of Allagash beer is. This Tripel Ale is an A+. It is exactly the definition of Belgian-style Tripel Ale. Some Tripel Ales tend to have too much carbonation or not enough yeast characteristics and fall short of being a great beer. But not Allagash Tripel Ale, I highly recommend trying it! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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