Highland Brewing Company Pilsner

Located in Asheville, North Carolina Highland Brewing Company, Pilsner 5.5% which I got through a family member at the local grocery store. Highland Brewing Company, Pilsner pours a clear golden color with a three finger pillowy white head with sweet biscuity clean aromas with a slight hoppy note. The taste is similar to the nose with nice sweet yet lightly hoppy biscuit notes with a clean refreshing taste and a crisp refreshing finish with a faint hop note with an aftertaste that is slightly hoppier than the finish bit just slightly that lingers till the next sip all with a light mouthfeel. Highland Brewing Company, Pilsner is just an average but good craft Pilsner and I give it a B-. It drinks easy and you are done with a can rather quickly and on to another one. You should try Highland Brewing Company, Pilsner it’s worth try over and over! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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