Lord Hobo Brewing Co. Meat & Potatoes Dinner Stout

Lord Hobo Brewing Company from Woburn, Massachusetts is a fairly new distributed brewery in the Charlotte, NC area. This is Lord Hobo Meat & Potatoes Dinner Stout, 7.7% ABV. Meat & Potatoes pours black with a three finger beige head that slowly dissipates into somewhat spotty lacing, giving off ashy semi-coffee like aromas with a faint malty bitter scent. Then you come to a taste of roasted bitter notes with a ashy coffee-ish flavor with a very faint hoppy not on the very back of the mouth an tongue with a semi-bitter roasted chocolate finish and a much similar aftertaste with a bit of a faint hoppy bitter note popping in for a split second with a full mouthfeel. Lord Hobo Meat & Potatoes Dinner Stout sounded more interesting than it tasted, and was not very good. I found it to taste like a stout that was off or not as fresh, so I give this Lord Hobo Meat & Potatoes Dinner Stout a D-. The bitterness that I got from this stout through the beer off as it came into the coffee like flavor, they didn’t really go well together causing the entire beer to taste not well balanced. I don’t think I will be go back to this stout nor will I be recommending this beer. I didn’t like it that much! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

2 thoughts on “Lord Hobo Brewing Co. Meat & Potatoes Dinner Stout

  1. i too felt the beer to be a touch on the bitter side, and won’t likely be going back for more. still, did the job for st. patrick’s !

    thank you for leading me here from instagram đź‘Ť

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