Throwback Thursday: Samuel Smith Brewery Taddy Porter

Originally posted on August 5th, 2013

Nothing is more of an English beer than a porter. The style originated in England. This particular porter is Samuel Smith Taddy Porter, 5.0% ABV (Taddy meaning Tadcaster). I love the fact that this porter is such a lower ABV. Most American porters are much higher in ABV. Taddy Porter pours a very dark color, black, with huge three finger rocky creamy beige head that stays and stays till the pint is nearly gone.  The head does leave behind nice sticky lacing. When held to the light the edges of this porter are a murky brown. I found very small amounts of light coming through under the head, and could see any carbonation bubbles. Taddy Porters aroma is of big roasted notes with a little chocolate there as well. The aroma reminds me of fresh coffee beans a little. The taste on Taddy Porter is roasted and rich with a nice tangy sweetness that is a little like chocolate and semi coffee like. This beer also has dryness to it. The mouth feel is full yet rich, with a dry and yet roasted like finish that leads into a wonderful semi sweet roasted aftertaste. I can’t say enough about how great Samuel Smith beers are, this one is so great. Taddy Porter is getting A+ from me. Just a well crafted English Porter, and it 5.0% ABV, that really had to the greatness of this porter. Samuel Smith is my favorite brewery right now, and I just think that this Taddy Porter is excellent. I have had almost all their beers except for three, and I everyone I’ve had is excellent. I highly recommend that you seek out Taddy Porter and all Samuel Smith beers. You can’t go wrong! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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