Westbrook Brewing Co. IPA

Coming out of Mt. Pleasant South Carolina Westbrook Brewing Co. IPA, 6.8% ABV which I picked up from the local grocery store is brewed with a base of pale, Munich, and Caraplis malts and blended with different American hop varieties and added four times in the kettle and again in the fermentor. Westbrook Brewing Co. IPA pours a slightly darker yellow color with an almost two finger slow white head with fruity sweet and slightly bitter juiciness aromas wafting in to your nose that then take you to a semi-sweet fruit juice flavor with a nice pungent hoppy bitterness that lingers into a bitter finish with a light juicy fruit and a hoppy fruited aftertaste with a lighter mouthfeel that is a bit refreshing. Westbrook Brewing Co. IPA is a well balanced IPA and gets an A-, the hoppy bitter flavors start to get to be slightly too much at the very end, but that just barely holds an otherwise good India Pale Ale, one that I recommend that you try! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly

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